Thursday, 3 April 2014


So wait, once we access the full capacity of our brainpower, we can time travel and shit, or something like that? Or do we just turn super-violent? Can you tell this is a Luc Besson film? ScarJo and Morgan Freeman are possibly among the only ones who could make a film like this work. I find myself wishing they had just stuck with the initial set-up, which is cool until it starts getting rly fucking weird. This will likely flop in English-speaking markets, though Besson aficionados will be pleased to note his return to true sci-fi since semi-cult favourite The Fifth Element from 1997. Out in the US on the 8th of August and in the UK on the 22nd. It will ofc be released first in France, on the 6th, but that's a mere two days ahead of its Stateside drop, which is unusually brief for a Besson production.