Sunday, 19 May 2013


The first Dutch film in the Official Competition at Cannes for 38 years, Alex von Warmerdam's Borgman has done his native country proud. The black comedy has been compared to previous Cannes competitors Funny Games and Dogtooth.

Among the good reviews are Jessica Kiang's at The Playlist, who notes the film's cerebral and ironic qualities, finding it also funny and surprising, rating it an A-. David Rooney at The Hollywood Reporter has issues with the film as it progresses, but writes that it is a 'beautifully made, quirky study of the unrelenting grip of evil'. Writing in Variety, Guy Lodge is one of the most complimentary of the film, while, on Twitter, the International Cinephile Society describes it as a 'gem of the fest', and The Telegraph's Robbie Collin is also positive in his reaction. This one could be a contender for the Palme, if the reviews so far are to be trusted.